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Viagra in place of impotence.

Viagra and its analogs in the anatomy of plate preparations (Cialis, Levitra) procure a clever result, but they maintain a slew of side effects and contraindications. This applies to the from of this solution sooner than men of all years groups as a vital method of treatment. For the sake of pubescent people who do not suffer with signs of biological deviations, it is not needed at all, since with well-ordered use it causes addiction, and then resistance to any tranquillizer effects, regardless of the administer of the drug.

The use of vasodilator drugs for inefficacy past older men is fraught with the development of severe cardiovascular complications. Their risk is minimized with de rigueur dispensation and an adequately selected dose of the drug.

Diet for the treatment of impotence.

Easily, if there is no other approach in, then all methods are worthy, uniquely if they tease the desired effect. Other methods in the built of vacuum stretching of the penis, in which blood is drawn to the corpus cavernosum, are rarely adapted to, although they bring assured results. Surgical treatment of impotency consists in prosthetics of the cavernous bodies of the penis with springy prostheses, which acquire a disposed position.

Prevention of impotence.

Sustenance during sterility plays an weighty role in treatment. The regimen should be balanced, the products consumed should have restorative properties, also in behalf of model, whey, bad goat out have in the offing such properties(you can also put into practice routine wring, but the object intention be various) honey, millet, vegetable lubricator, tomatoes, brewer's yeast, carrots, rose hips, celery, garlic and onions.

Dried dates also improve to strengthen the progenitive potency of men. To fit out this merchandise, you desire have occasion for dried dates, almonds, pistachios, and quince seeds. All these ingredients requisite be crushed together in symmetrical parts and consumed down 100 g per day.